An eastern Kentucky business has secured a large supply contract with a federal agency and that means new jobs are on the way.

The Department of Homeland Security has entered into a deal with Dropbox Incorporated, a business based in Worthington, Kentucky.

The development process between Dropbox and DHS took a little less than a decade to finalize but they are now in the production phase.

The $2 million contract will not only call for more supplies but also dozens of jobs in the area.

”Well, we currently have about 110 employees and I think we’re going to at least add another 30, 40.  Probably mostly welders, there’s a lot of steel that goes in these, in this project.  A lot of big, heavy plate steel.  So we’re going to be buying a lot of local steel,” said CEO Robert Slagel of Portable Solutions Group.

The new production will bring in on-deck rail straddle portals designed to scan shipping containers coming into the United States for nuclear material.