CATLETTSBURG, Ky. — Residents of Catlettsburg now have more of their city to enjoy. A recent, low-cost reclamation project on the river side of the city’s floodwall has opened an area some 10 city blocks in length for residents to use in comfort and safety.

“I always said that I wanted to clean up the city where it was needed and help the people of Catlettsburg take pride in and enjoy their city,” Catlettsburg Mayor Faith Day said. “This is one of those projects, and it is a way to give the city back to the people who live here.”

Day said that Kenova Mayor Tim Bias assisted the Catlettsburg Road Crew with the loan of equipment and a crew of workers to remove the brush that had taken over the area. Day said the wonderful riverfront was there all along but had become so overgrown that it was seldom used.

“It was a really low-cost project,” Day said. “After the cleanup, we just hauled in some dirt and gravel.”

When driving into the reclaimed area from the 26th Street opening in the city floodwall, the opened area stretches for blocks in either direction.

Moving in the direction toward Ashland, the gravel drive leads down to two separate large areas that can be utilized for any number of different venues.

Turning toward the opposite direction, it is a broad roadway with a freshly seeded grassy area that looks out over the conjunction of the Sandy and Ohio rivers. From that vantage, residents and visitors can look out and see three states within the same unique view.

Day said she wanted to make the space available to residents of the city, and she said its ultimate use is up to them.

“Where we go from here is up to the people of Catlettsburg,” Day said. “We are going to sow more grass and put out some picnic tables for people to sit and enjoy the view. But as far as what else is done here, I am wide open to suggestions.”