Hello from the desk of the Ashland Alliance. Three quarters of the year is now behind us. For many that will seem like a good thing. We have said goodbye to many and fought the fight against COVID and difficult financial times. Along the way there are nuggets of hope and reason for better days.

Today was a good day in our community. The City of Ashland dedicated Broadway Square! This shining space is a public common place in the middle of our community. There is a rebirth happening downtown. If you haven’t been downtown in the evening you should go. With the Delta Hotel and The Winchester along with Wit’s Custard — there is excitement in the new “District” that has not been felt in a long time. This is a great thing for all of us.

Come down and find your place. Blazers with live music and Fat Patty’s with weekly specials all welcome you to be a part of something new. It won’t be long before we are thinking about the holiday season as well. Winter Wonderland Committee is working on plans to see how this season can be safe and represent what Ashland is known for.  The Alliance is proud to support Winter Wonderland of Lights and is looking forward to working with all our local retailers on efforts to highlight our community and what it has to offer.

Your Ashland Alliance is here to help you and to build a new future for us all.  2020 has been a hard year for us all.  We are standing tall together.  We will celebrate our success and work for tomorrow.  Thank you for being a part of an organization that is working to make us all stronger together.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace