Hello from the desk of the Alliance. Today I want to share a short but powerful message. The Ashland Alliance’s strength is made up of the collective strength of this community and you as the business community. Together we have helped build this country and this tristate. Even in the midst of a pandemic and economic challenge, we have done great things together.


Today, I was honored to be a partner with King’s Daughters Health Foundation’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. October is the month of the year when all of us highlight the fight to end breast cancer. Today was a special day. We heard stories of triumph. We heard the value of early detection and world-class treatment right here at home. 


King’s Daughters Health Foundation kicked off a campaign for a new mobile mammography unit. KMDC serves many regions of Kentucky that don’t have access to or resources for early detection of breast cancer. This unit saves lives. I heard Rocky Adkins speak from his heart about what it is like to be a cancer survivor and how the good work of many of you has raised over three million dollars to fight this terrible disease. 


I have grown up listening to Representative, House Majority Leader, and now Senior Advisor Adkins. Today I’ve never been more proud to call him my friend and a friend of us all in Northeast Kentucky! Over the next month, and those to come, please reach out and support King’s Daughters Medical Center by helping their Health Foundation raise the funds needed to fight cancer where it lives, in the homes and communities of Kentucky.  


The Alliance is a proud partner of people and businesses doing the right thing for the benefit of all. Today was a great reminder of what we can do with leadership, commitment, and support from all. 





Tim Gibbs


Office: 606-324-5111