Good afternoon from the desk of the Alliance. Each week we bring our news of the week and share positive notes and activity from the Alliance and our community. This week is a little harder than most.  The news of Marathon Petroleum’s layoffs at the Catlettsburg facility is sad news. It is terrible for the families affected.

Since 1916 there has been a refinery here in Northeast Kentucky. It produces 277,000 barrels a day and employs over 1,500 members of our community. Marathon is a great company to have in our area. They have stepped up time after time to help the Ashland Alliance and other organizations as a community and civic leader. Each year they have bought and supplied backpacks and school supplies for our backpack program making sure kids have what they need and feel good about themselves as they start back in school. They have sponsored our golf tournaments and our annual meetings. The world is changing and with COVID its been crazy. We feel for the 60 plus families that are looking for their future and we promise to do our part to give each one of you opportunities here in your home community.

If there is a nugget for today it is, we are starting to see economic activity again. We are not seeing the same number of projects as a year ago but, it is building back, and we are once again showing the world what this community has to offer. It is getting better.

Thank you for the chance to represent you and your business. Each one of you are important. Each one of you are navigating waters that are new. We can and will help you along the way. We would be honored to sit down, bring you donuts and discuss where you are and how this organization can help.

Thank you from the desk and staff of the Ashland Alliance.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace