Thank you for the opportunity to update you today on all things Ashland Alliance. Actually, this week we turn our attention to you and your business. Today is a day that is very important to each of us. It is a day that the local economy begins to turn back on. We know that each of us has to do our part to be safe, keep social distancing, and use our masks. However, all and all, we are going to settle into our new normal.

Malls, restaurants, and downtown businesses are starting to open and welcome all of us in. This is a big deal for the economy. If you go to the www.ashlandalliance.com homepage there is an up-to-date listing of what is open and how to take advantage of things that have not been open or available for 6 weeks.

Even with the limited restart of the economy, there is additional uncertainty for each of us. Memorial Day Parades, public meetings, and (for the Alliance) even how to plan leadership groups is all yet to be settled. Today, however, is one step forward for all of us. If we do our part and think about others, this too shall pass.

On Tuesday the Alliance office will be fully staffed. We have been open each day but with limited staffing. Starting next week it’s ‘let’s go!’ We know there is a lot of help needed out there for the business community. I hope we have the opportunity to help each and every one of you! Please reach out to me and the staff, let’s chart your path moving forward. There is value in working together and coming out swinging.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy time with your family. Let’s build on this day and move forward.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace