Hello from the desk of the Alliance. Our theme for today is our appreciation for you. We don’t always realize the value of our normal everyday lives. This week was a positive week for the Ashland Alliance and our community. We celebrated DESCO Federal Credit Union with a ceremonial Ashland Alliance ribbon cutting for their beautiful, full service, new home on Carter Avenue. Today we honored our Work Seal Seniors at Raceland High School and Greenup County High School.

This week highlighted the investment that is happening in our community. This investment is both in brick and motar and in the youth of today that is the workforce of tomorrow. The Alliance Board held our first in person board meeting in 14 months. It was amazing to see the talent and dedication this board represents and to share news and activity with those both in person and online.

As spring days fade to summer we have a lot to look forward to. The Alliance, your Alliance, is moving ahead and finding our new sense of normal with the wind at our back. Thank you all for your commitment to making this the best community for all and leading the way for days and years to come.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Alliance