I write to you today with very mixed emotions.  We witnessed the closing of one of the long standing pillars in our economy this week. Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital had one last celebration for those that worked, were cared for, and benefited from the generosity of this wonderful hospital. When I first moved back to Kentucky, nearly 6 years ago, it was OLBH that offered me a place to live while I found my spot in the community. They have been a great partner for the Alliance and for Northeast Kentucky.

Changes in our economy and the news of the week have been hard on us. Impacts are real and families have been affected. Everyday our Ashland Alliance is open and working towards helping businesses remain open and provide the economy this community needs. Our newly revamped website offers up to date information on what businesses are open, how to access their services, and the most current news on how your business can find the help you may need.

This week also is a week where the Alliance has had a few growth opportunities shared with us. We are working with 3 companies on growing their operations and new employment opportunities. We know the community can use it!  Listed below is an ad for AT&T for customer service representatives at their EastPark Location,  AT&T has 500 employees now at this location and are looking for more.

This week also marked the first week that we have a timeline for the reopening of our economy. Starting in a week and a half our economy will slowly come back to life.  May 11th is the date! Thank you for the work of those that have risked their own health to provide us what we needed and thank you for holding on and realizing this too shall pass.

My final thank you goes to the financial institutions that worked with SBA on the Federal Payroll Protection Program. They have pumped capital into our business community. I am guessing but, I believe it is over a million dollars that we are interested in our local economy to keep people in their work role and not laid off.

We will make it through weeks like this and better ones are ahead.  Thank you for being a part of our business.  We will be here for you today and moving forward.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace