Good Morning! Usually my report comes out late afternoon and is a recap of the week. However, this week we are sending it out earlier so we can get all those who want to be in on a personal Alliance members only call with United States Senator, and Kentucky’s own, Sen. McConnell next Tuesday at 4 p.m. If you have not signed up yet please do so ASAP to or call the Alliance office 606-324-5111. Any questions you would like to be answered on this call, must be submitted to the Alliance by 9 a.m. on Monday, June 8.

Other activity is starting to crawl back into play for the local economy and for the Alliance. I attended an Ashland Business Boosters Meeting on Thursday (6’ apart), next week we will have an Alliance Executive Board Meeting, and on June 18th we will do a Zoom meeting for the full Ashland Alliance Board. We are starting to find a new sense of normal and finding ways to get back out there.

If there are individual ways that we can help your business, please ask! Kari and Susan have spent the better part of this week reaching out to members sharing what we have going on and asking what you need to help your business. This is who we are.

I know when things are good everyone gets the credit and when things are challenging then it’s easy to think and say, “what are people doing to make it better?” We are working to share what opportunities we have and how this region can compete for a chance to grow. Just in this past week, activity has picked up. New projects and movement have shown us that this too shall pass. For some it cannot happen soon enough. I understand. Hang in there. Together, our best is coming!

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace