Today’s message to the membership of the Alliance is not about tipping cows or anything else as silly. Today is a recap of what could be the week that sets the stage for the year and our future. I know that is a big lead in but stick with me.

Tuesday was a big day for the Alliance and the community. We hosted the United States Senate Majority Leader for a private/off the record call for members of the Alliance only. Actually, we also chose to invite the members of the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce, as well. It was an example of how collectively we are stronger and we should work together more than we do. This call lasted about an hour and was actually pretty special. We had the 3rd most powerful elected official in the United States talking to us. He answered questions that were submitted by you! This interaction was a great bonus for those on the call and helps this community to have a voice in this crazy world of change.

Tuesday was also the day that some clarity was announced from Braidy Industries. I have been very careful of addressing and responding to Braidy’s status to you and the public. Settling lawsuits is a necessary step for our project to move ahead. This is a very positive step in the development of building this mill! Building the mill is what is important! It is what changes the fabric of this community. It serves as the anchor for future growth and companies to come. This week was a tipping point. There is still work to do for all. In fact, we are just priming the pump again and starting to run as fast as we can.

Each Friday I try to share the highlights of what your Alliance is working on and how it can help you and your business. You invest your time and resources in this community to make a difference. Today I wanted to say progress was made and it may be the beginning of more positive message, opportunity, and pathway forward. We deserve it and will work to that end.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace