Good afternoon from the desk of the Alliance. It feels good to be sitting here today and sharing positive news about our area. Over the last few months the Alliance, like most of you, has fought to find ways to hang on to what we have always known and find new ways to help you during this crazy pandemic we’re living in. Today, I have a few examples of what we are doing and how it’s helping many of the businesses in our area.

I mentioned last week that the Alliance is using online advertising and social media more than we ever have. I have a great example of this. In the last 48 hours the Alliance released an online flyer for The Mill Café and Bakery. It has been viewed over 5,000 times! Kari and our team have been meeting with more of you than ever before to find ways to spread your message and put a spotlight on what your business has to offer. Please use this opportunity to share what you offer to the Alliance membership and the community. The numbers we are seeing and reaching are impressive and can be yours as well!

We know many businesses are hurting. We know your membership comes with a price. We have been working to support your business. The more we know about you the better we can serve you. This pandemic has forced all of us to find new ways to work, market, and stay healthy. We are here to serve you! Together we will be standing on the other side of this and with a new toolbox for the next decade to come.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace