It has been a difficult week to be an American. I have worked at the Untied States Capital. I was an LBJ College Intern for my congressman and will never forget how honored I felt walking on the floor of the United States House of Representatives Chamber. I was a young man from Eastern Kentucky. I was full of idealism of what government could do with the support of the governed. I was in Washington the day Iraq invaded Kuwait and knew this country was going to war. This week was different however. When I was in D.C. we knew those that stood against us and our government. Today it is a much harder time for all Americans to find a common cause and vision of our future. This week has been hard for me.

I come to work to find ways to make this community better for each of you. I find that every hour we can apply to finding our message, or competitive advantages to compete is still our calling. I believe in our community. I believe in you and your business. I believe that each one of our elected officials want the best for all of us. I have said in the past that we all need a little Henry Clay in our lives. Clay was the master of the art of what is possible and compromise. He understood we should strive to make things better but never fail because we seek perfection.

I will stand down from what seems like a speech to you today. It is actually a declaration. We are here for you. We will try to represent the best our community has to offer and we understand and appreciate all voices in the conversation. These days will pass. I hope the hurt of what we have seen fades as well. I will use what we have collectively seen and felt as motivation and guidance to be the best we can be for all of you and your voices.

For those of you who missed our 2020 Annual Meeting or anyone who would like to view it again, you can stream it at:

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Alliance