Happy Friday from the desk of the Ashland Alliance. Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to get going again and raise the bar for the community and your organization. That is the theme of today’s message.  How are we are going to better serve you and the community in 2019?

We are your organization. An organization based on membership and partnership; all working towards a better-connected, more organized economy for Northeast Kentucky. The Alliance is working to strengthen this connection with you and your business with the hiring of a new Membership Coordinator. We are adding to the staff to better service you. Each week we ask for the opportunity to visit, understand, and find ways to help your business. This involves getting out on the street and building trust and understanding of where you are today and how we can help you grow. You are going to see more of us in the coming months.

You also expect the Alliance to work towards the big goals of helping to build a new stronger economy in our region. The Alliance is pursing this goal every day. Over the next months, we have several meetings scheduled with companies and people looking at us. Many of these opportunities are new to the area, and some have called this area their home for years but want to do more and see the time is now. Just as employment numbers have moved in the right direction so has the economic climate in the region. We are seeing more chances now than in my last five years here to move us in the right direction.

Over the next few months, we are going to start a new conversation for the region. We are going to raise the bar on what you should expect and what we can do with our partners and friends to get there. This conversation involves many things. We know we need people with talent, we know we need young professionals that want to live here and raise their families. We know it takes partnerships, vision, and action to make these goals a reality. We are your organization, and we will be front line to make this happen. After all… It’s time to get going…..

Thank you for the chance to build a better community.

—Ashland Alliance