Have you ever had one of those days where you think it has been a very productive day but at the end you still have not done what you started off to do? That was today! Zoom Meetings, phone calls, emails, and payroll all had to be done today. In the end I had to make time to share with you some news of the week and a message of hope.

I would like to comment on the news from King’s Daughters Medical Center. It certainly has been an active week for our largest employer. Buying the Bellefonte Pavilion and adding 150 new jobs is good news for the area. Greenup County receiving $3 million in revenue is certainly good news as well. King’s Daughters partnership with UK HealthCare is very positive news for the area. Most communities try to attract medical students and residency training as a means to strengthen their hospital and community. King’s Daughter and UK HealthCare are making this happen!

I saw the Daily Independent editorial about jobs for this region. It stated how even in a pandemic, good things can and are starting to happen. It is about time. Every day we have seen our businesses having to adjust and fight in this new business cycle. Let us celebrate the wins as we can. The Alliance is proud to help when we can, usually in a quiet way.

My title of this piece stated my thought of today. It is one step forward. Let us work together for the next and the one to follow.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Alliance