Hello from the desk of the Alliance! Happy to be back in the chair and updating you on this week’s activity. I think most of you have heard that our area has been awarded $3.5 million dollars in grant funding for a building at EastPark. There are a lot of folks out there that I feel we need to thank. Many times the Alliance has the chance to carry the baton but there is no way we get there without a lot of help.

First off is our partners at EastPark. The Alliance serves as the marketing and recruitment agent for the park. Without this close relationship, with us serving them and the attributes they offer, we would not be where we are today. Today we are moving forward. We have had the great fortune to have some strong and powerful partners in Washington D.C. and closer to home in Frankfort. At the Alliance Annual Meeting Governor Beshear announced EastPark had been awarded $1.5 million dollars from the Abandoned Mine Lands Program. This program which has federal dollars is managed and awarded by the State of Kentucky. Governor Beshear and his team at the Dept. of Natural Resources along with the vision of Congressman Rogers in creating this program has been responsible for $5.5 million dollars for EastPark project and jobs that follow.

Last Friday United States Senator McConnell along with Representatives Roger’s and Massie announced a $2.0 million dollar Appalachian Regional Commission grant as well for a building at EastPark. These dollars position us for growth, jobs, and opportunity in this area. State of Kentucky and Governor Beshear endorsed this application and was supportive of this grant as well his work with our federal partners is going to pay dividends for all of us.

Even in a once in a century pandemic there is opportunities for growth. United we stand is what we have seen this past week and for the months that have led to this announcement. I am proud of the role that our staff and partners have played. Boyd, Greenup County along with the City of Ashland all have supported and moved issues to position us for growth. I also need to say think you to Kentucky Power. Their grants for economic development have played a vital role in giving us the tools to be successful.

Every day till September 23rd (my birthday) is going to be longer and brighter for all of us. Let us find the ways to embrace one another and move ahead. Thank you for the opportunity to lead this organization and bring the talents of many for the benefit of all. We appreciate you and your business.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Alliance