Hello from the desk of the Alliance. Kari, here! Tim is off solving all of the world’s problems so I thought I’d share a few of the communicative updates we’re making this year.

In order to organize our weekly communication methods, we want to categorize our e-blasts in 2021. That being said, we will be sending out a Wednesday newsletter called Shop Members. It will contain all of your business’ deals/promotions/advertisements, etc. (We will include them on our Facebook page as well as our Instagram.) We know life gets busy and it’s easy to forget to send things in, so if you would like we can send you a reminder before the inclusion deadline each week. Simply reply to this email if that is something you’d be interested in.

We will be starting a similar idea but instead of advertisements, it’ll be fundraisers, community events, and ways to get involved serving our sweet community. We will also be highlighting the needs of our many, local non-profits. Now… I cannot think of a clever name for this one. So if you’d like to name our new Monday newsletter, I’d appreciate your input. Don’t worry I’ll give you all of the credit. 😉

The Friday Report will remain somewhat the same. It will begin with Tim’s piece, but now the attachments will mostly be Alliance news, updates, events, etc. We will also leave seminars, educational opportunities, and other related information in this one.

Lastly, we are in the process of rebuilding our website. Our goal for that is for our website to be a resource for the community. We will be adding some cool new features. I am excited for that to launch! I think you all will be pleased and find it to be very resourceful.

At the Alliance, we are always looking to improve. I think these efforts, in particular, will help us be more effective in helping your business succeed. This year is going to be so much better than last. Have a great weekend. We appreciate YOU!

— Kari Huffman
Ashland Alliance

Marketing Director