Hello from the desk of the Ashland Alliance. Thank you for following what your organization is doing and updates from our region. I started off thinking about discussing the number of people that are sick with colds and flu. In our Executive Board Meeting this week, both Our Lady of Bellefonte and Kings Daughters Hospitals spoke of how many people have been coming in and the services they provide to break the cycle of cold and flu. If I am guessing, most of you look to us for positive news on the economy, and I think help with that as well.

Let’s start with Portable Solutions Group located in Worthington. This Greenup County company is taking Kentucky to the world. It exports to countries around the globe with specialty products that meet the needs of industries in ways that have never been produced before. Most of you have heard me speak of building a new economy on the skills of the past. Portable Solutions Group is an example of this. They excel from the ability of our workers.  Combine a workforce based in metal fabrication with the vision of Robert Slagel, and his team has opened the door of the world to our community. I do have to mention that Rob and his team just received a $2.15 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security for nuclear scanners to be installed in ports of the United States to protect us from materials being smuggled in via containers.

Just a week ago, property in Greenup County was sold. The Oaks Golf Course and surrounding land was auction off and sold to a land group. What is interesting in this is: people are seeing what is happening here in our region and wanting to be a part of it. That is a headline from which we can all benefit.

This is my first week back at the desk as well. Last week I had the privilege of meeting with six different companies looking for expansion opportunities. Every time I get this chance to share who we are, what we have to offer, and how we can help in the process of development, we have an opportunity to gain employment, investment, and growth for this region.

I have had several of you that read these weekly updates say to me “you always talk about being busy” and that is true. There are too many opportunities out there not to give our best shot each and every time. There is one other point that I want to make each week — your business matters. We are here to serve you. If we haven’t been to see you lately let us know and we will be there. Maybe with doughnuts and perhaps not. ��

Thank you from the desk of the Ashland Alliance.

—Ashland Alliance