Hello from the desk of the Alliance.

Nice to see a little snow falling to make it feel a little like winter. I am happy to make a run at sharing the activities of the week. There has been a lot of miles up and down I-64 this week. Since last Friday I have been to Louisville and Frankfort 4 times! With the Kentucky 60-day Legislative Session in full swing and our Youth Leadership Class spending the day in Frankfort it has been a busy week.

Any time you gather 46 Juniors from all 8 school districts we represent it is going to be busy. It seems that of the 46 that attend half will be quiet about the on goings in Frankfort, the other half take it in, but are glued to their phones, and a few-just a few-a new world opens up for them. When Rocky Adkins takes our group to the Governor’s Office and talks about how this is where it all happens, it is special! Sen. Webb also took time to introduce the process and share what is actually happening and how it affects everything that we do and even their lives. Thank you to the elected officials, Rocky and our staff for one of the special days of the Youth Leadership Program.

I have one other nugget to share with you. I mentioned a new company that is building a presence in our community. We aren’t quite ready to announce it, but they are making headway. Just this week they signed a $13,000 purchase order for goods and services with one of our Alliance Members that we recommended. We always want to make connections among friends and members but, it goes deeper than that. We know you and your companies, as members and as friends. We know we can recommend you and what you offer. This makes it easy for us to say “they can help you!” This is who we are and there is more to come.

The last couple weeks of 2020 has been hard. I wanted to share some good news. Your Alliance is working for you. On Thursday, February 20th come out and see what Ashland Community and Technical College has to offer at the EastPark Campus. We are partnering with ACTC for a Business After Hours to see their technical offering and new 3D print shop. This is one of the best opportunities of the year to see what the new economy is going to be and how our young and lifelong learners are going to be prepared.

Thank you for the chance to be a part of our special community that knows how to move forward time after time. It is who we are.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace