Hello from the Ashland Alliance!  I wanted to take a few minutes and say thank you to our members, and community that make this home. As we wrap up this year, I think it’s important to express our thanks and give you our commitment that 2019 is something to look forward to.

Other than having snow I can think of no better way to end 2018 and embrace 2019. Our community is growing, your Alliance is working for you, and great things are happening in our area. Ours has always been a strong community. For generations, people have come here to stake their claim and build a new future. This is happening again, and you are a big part of the reason why.

As we watch the games of the new year and spend time with our families, I want you to know that your organization is ready to go and make the new year a bright and prosperous one. Thank you for the opportunity to help build on the foundation of the past for a great 2019 and beyond.

Happy New Year,

—Tim, Amanda, Paula, Miss