The Christmas countdown is on! It always seems the end of the year flies by. The Ashland Alliance appreciates you as our members and the support each of you gives this community.

On Tuesday, we welcomed the Kentucky Chamber for breakfast at the Bellefonte Country Club. The Kentucky Chamber laid out their legislative priorities for 2019 as well as other important information about the Kentucky Chamber.

Did you know, if you have fewer than 10 employees and are an active member of the Ashland Alliance, you can become an Associate Member of the Kentucky Chamber at no cost? Belonging to the largest business advocacy organization the state puts quite a lot of people in your corner, should you need it. Contact our office to learn more, or click here to apply.

Another great service from the Kentucky Chamber is their news service–The Bottom Line. The Bottom Line is a news site published by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. With the goal of closely monitoring the progress and facts of business-related legislation in Kentucky, and delivering behind the scenes knowledge of state government, The Bottom Line breaks down complex policy issues into sound bites that all Kentuckians can understand. You can receive email updates from The Bottom Line here.

As always, The Ashland Alliance is here to serve you. Let us help! It is because of you and your business that we live in such a wonderful community.

Merry Christmas!

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO