Our Business Network It has been one of those weeks. We all have them where what can go wrong, does. But, that is not the message of today or the week. My thought is of the half-full side. Every challenge I have had this week there has been someone or a local company that could help. In this economy of the world wide web sometimes you just need someone that knows how to fix things. The community has always been this type of place where you can get things done. I was standing next to the road today with a cut tire (on the car less than four days), and five different people stopped and offered to help me. I didn’t know one of them. That, my friends, is who we are.  Today we delivered doughnuts to our anniversary members. Companies and people that have built this community and have a vested interest in it becoming what we all see, and feel is starting to happen. I also met with one of our national company members in Enterprise Car Rental. They taught me something as well. It is less expensive to rent a car for business travel than charge mileage on your vehicle. Enterprise will arrange to drop off and pick up the car at your place of work. Enterprise is one of many quality companies and people in this area. In a hard week, it’s good to have friends, even if they are people you don’t know.