Good day from the desk of the Alliance! Today’s message is a simple but powerful one. Even with a worldwide pandemic going on, there are individuals starting new businesses. Just in the last few months, the Alliance has helped with 7 new businesses that now call our community home. We have shared each one with you so you can stay up to date with what’s happening in our community too. Just this week we partnered with Just a Lil Tease Salon on 29th Street and WASH in Ashland Town Center.

I have always said you can teach people how to run a business but the one thing that I have never seen shared is how to teach someone to have the burning in their belly. That sense that I CAN do it! This is strong and it is needed now more than ever. I am proud of our local business community and our businesses making this their home.

There are good things starting to happen here. In the next few weeks, you will hear a couple very good announcements for our region. The Alliance is starting to see some signs that business will go on and there are opportunities in the market. Hang in their better times are coming.

I usually close with a reminder that this is your Ashland Alliance. We are here to help you. Over 20 board members came together this week for our August Full Board Meeting via Zoom. Together we shared where this organization is and what we are doing to help you and your companies. Please let us help you! Let us schedule some time for me and the staff to come visit and see what we can do to help. Together we can make this community move forward…

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace