Each week I use this piece as a method of sharing the activity of the Alliance and how we can serve your business. There is no way around that this is uncharted territory for our local business community. But this week has given me faith. It has shown me that collectively—United We Stand.

There are new commodities for standard methods of business operations. It’s nearly impossible to buy a laptop, web cam, microphone, and stables such as hand sanitizers. They are incredibly hard to find. Just yesterday in a matter of an hour I had two Alliance members reach out to us for completely different needs. When we connect we’re able to assist the other for the operation of their businesses. We can collectively make a difference. We can together get through this.

Thursday night I was on a conference call with Kentucky Economic Development Cabinet. They are under direction of Governor Beshear to help the state of Kentucky source all of the personal protective gear that is needed now and that will be needed in the near future. Kentucky is competing with 49 other states and every other country for PPG for its residents. Governor Beshear is wanting Team Kentucky to help manufacture and supply raw materials to those that can make what we need to protect ourselves. This is an opportunity for your business to help win this war. Complete this form below if you have any supplies or services to support Kentucky’s COVID-19 response. This is a high calling for each of us.

I have also been asked to stress the social distancing orders. We must cut the number of people infected. The quicker we can do this the less damage that will be done to our economy. On Thursday of this week the Alliance hosted a conference call with Sen. McConnell’s staff to review the new Federal Legislation (CARES ACT), unemployment rules and eligibility. If you go to this COVID-19 link you will see the most up to date information available for you and your business.

Please take the time to think about how you can assist others and research how your business can be a part of the solution of meeting the needs of our first responders and health care community. We are here……we will help… and collectively— we will prevail.

— Tim Gibbs
Ashland Allinace