Hello from the desk of your Alliance! It has been pointed out to me that I am constantly saying how busy we are and what crazy week we have had. The truth is this one has been exactly that. We have had a wonderful week with tangible results to show for it.

I had a consultant in this week working on a new workforce alignment program for the Alliance and our partners. I hope you know that over the last three years we have been using a detailed analysis of what this region has in workforce, skills, and talent to attract business and industry. This competitive advantage has led to many of the announcements that we have had over the last 36 months. The Ashland Alliance has worked on adding certifications, studies, and any other piece of ammunition we can to help show the world who we are and how we can compete if given a chance. Many times, we are creating an opportunity by leading the way and doing things proactively. This week was the beginning of how we define what we have and how we compete going forward.

It is not all about what we can bring to this area as well. Just last night Kings Daughters Medical Center which is the largest single employer in the region hosted a Business After Hours. It was held at the newly remodeled King’s Daughters Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center on Thursday, April 25. They have expanded from five to 22 physicians & staff in the unit to care for patients. The center is also a walk-in clinic. Thank you to everyone who came out for this great facility and event.

Finally, earlier this week I had the chance to tour the ACTC Advanced Integrated Technology Program. I was blown away watching students in teams learning problem-solving on electrical circuit simulators. I have seen first-hand how business and industry is asking for critical thinking and teamwork in their workforce. This program and the students in it are special. Mike Tackett and Dr. Larry Ferguson should feel proud of what ACTC is producing and the difference they will make for their students, Braidy Industries, and this community for generations to come. I snapped a few photos that captured what I saw that day.

This was a great week to be in Northeast Kentucky. Thank you for the chance to be a part of your business and help build a strong place to call home.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance