ASHLAND, Ky. — Destination Ashland had its first meeting since the economic shutdown in March.

The team built to revitalize downtown Ashland has been on hold since COVID-19 spread across the United States. The team came together after the presentation downtown revitalization expert Roger Brooks gave to the city in November. The group held its first meeting to remind members of their goals and plans for this year, and they are hoping to go in front of the city commission on July 23 to present the plan they’ve been developing. The plan will include different programs and events that will bring citizens downtown.

“Everything was on hold because of all this stuff,” said team member Blake Gillum. “All (of the) stuff we were trying to work on and plan wasn’t allowed (because of the pandemic). There was no reason to meet because we weren’t allowed to have it.”

The team is currently focusing on event-planning at 16th Street Plaza, formerly known as Judd Plaza, Gillum said. They chose this space because it is outside and it would be easier for people to move around and stay socially distanced.

The project is supposed to be completed by the end of the summer, he said.