RUSSELL, Ky. — Work on the flyover bridge in Russell is entering a new phase and will cause periodic traffic delays on U.S. 23 by the Ironton Bridge.

“They’re shipping in the steel beams which will make up the substructure of the overpass bridge,” said Department of Highways District 9 Spokesman Allen Blair. “The goal is to move and place four beams a day, Tuesday, today and Thursday, about 8 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m., with temporary traffic stops or flagged traffic on the existing viaduct (Ky. 244) each time. “

Blair said he recommends motorists seek alternate routes into and out of downtown during those days, like the underpass off of U.S. 23 on the Flatwoods side of the construction area.

“At least for the first part of this phase (about two to four weeks) they will be delivering beams on three days each week,” Blair said.

The process of off-loading the beams from the delivery trucks and setting them on the concrete piers will require stopping or reducing the flow of traffic at times, Blair said. But the crews will attempt when possible to not stop traffic during rush hours. Motorists should not depend upon this, however, Blair said, due to the fact that delivery times of the beams might vary. In this case, morning hours are more likely to see traffic disruption, Blair said.