Kentucky is an established player in the automotive industry.

Major assembly plants such as Ford, General Motors, and Toyota have invested billions into manufacturing plants producing vehicles around the clock. Last year, Kentucky produced more cars per capita than any other state. Ashland is well placed to capitalize on the expansion of the automotive industry within Kentucky. The Ashland Metro Area is surrounded by support companies whose production is geared towards assisting the automotive industry.


Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Manufactures automobiles 2 hours away in Georgetown, Kentucky

Superior Composites Company, LLC

Manufactures glass reinforced continuous filament mat and surfacing veil material

SRG Global

Manufactures chrome plated plastic parts for the automotive industry

Logan Corporation

Manufactures parts for construction equipment

American Metal Works

CNC manufacturing facility based in Eastern Kentucky


Supplies rubber products in Huntington, West Virginia


Manufactures car parts in South Charleston, West Virginia