Business of the Month
A Feature of the Ashland Alliance

We recognize and celebrate the achievements of the hard-working businesses of Boyd and Greenup counties in northeastern Kentucky!

The Edge Business Center

Two-floor building serves on the “edge” of Boyd and Greenup counties

ASHLAND, KY — The Ashland Alliance is pleased to name The Edge Business Center the April Business of the Month. While located in Greenup County, it serves both Greenup and Boyd County residents with its convenient location and ever-expanding retail stores. The Ashland Alliance, the Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce of Boyd and Greenup Counties, has worked with The Edge Busines Center since its inception and is excited about the growth in mindset and dollars it is bringing to both counties.

The Edge Business Center is a beautiful two-floor building located on “the edge” of Boyd and Greenup counties. The former Ashland Oil Inc. property with over 100,000 square feet of space was purchased by the Patterson family in 2018, and is being repurposed and re-designed to attract businesses, big or small to our area.

An Open House for The Edge Business Center is planned for April 28th, 2021. The new Small Business Block will be unveiled at this time. The community is welcome and encouraged to visit the Open House to see for themselves what this unique building and newly finished space has to offer.

The newly renovated Small Business Block is home to 21 planned office spaces ranging in size from 200 square foot to 1100 square foot. The Small Business Block will boast a modern and clean finish with industrial accents throughout. The design aims to provide business owners a professional space to conduct business as well as an environment that is fun, inviting, and relaxing.

“We are a family of businesspeople who are always on the lookout for potential business opportunities”, says Kristie Patterson, Will’s wife and executive director of The Edge Business Center. Kristie says, “It was as though the vacant building sitting on top of the hill above Hobby Lobby was calling our name. We were excited even though not exactly certain how the facility and its surroundings property could be used. We knew we wanted to do ‘something’ to promote business development in the community we have called home for more than 50 years”.

The first major decision was moving the family’s HVAC business, General Heating and Air, to the newly purchased Russell facility. Next came “Quality Development”, another local business started by the Patterson group, and then the renovations to what has become known as “Venue at The Edge” (a 10,000+ sq ft. Wedding and events venue located at The Edge Business Center) and that really got the ball rolling, according to Kristie. The Edge Business Center is now home to 14 locally owned businesses, with many additional office spaces that are in the process of being prepared to meet a business owner’s individual needs.

Please consider joining us to celebrate The Edge Business Center’s Open House on April 28, 2021 from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm for a walk-through tour of a great facility! Check out all the available rental space and meet the current business owners who call The Edge Business Center home! We are so eager for the community to see all that this newly renovated space has to offer.