Alliance Ambassadors

Thank you for participating in Ashland Alliance’s Ambassador Program. Through this program you will be seen as a personal liaison for Ashland Alliance’s members. You will be building rapport, making new business contacts, and forming lasting friendships.

Becoming an Ambassador requires a commitment to the program. The time spent at events or contacting and visiting members is time spent away from your business; however, the benefits will far outweigh the efforts. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!

Through this program, you help the Ashland Alliance retain and educate its members, while furthering your own personal and business goals for the upcoming year!

Thank you so much for your commitment to this program. We would like to serve you, and help you serve other members – a complete WIN-WIN situation.


  1. To contact and educate members about the Ashland Alliance.
  2. To create or expand each Ambassador’s networking circle.
  3. To become more involved with Ashland Alliance events and more informed about Ashland Alliance programs.

The primary responsibility of an Ambassador is to create rapport among the membership through positive personal contact.

Your role as an Ambassador can be defined through the following actions:

  • As an Ashland Alliance member interested in other Ashland Alliance members;
  • As a source of information about the Ashland Alliance, its products, services, and benefits;
  • As a sounding board for member concerns;

As a friendly face at Ashland Alliance events.

  1. Visit and/or contact Ashland Alliance members. During these visits, Ambassadors will encourage/invite them to attend events and remind them of their membership benefits, and also survey them on their satisfaction with the Ashland Alliance.
  2. To assist, meet, and greet existing and prospective members at Ashland Alliance events such Ribbon Cuttings, Business After Hours, and the Annual Dinner.

The rewards that an Ambassador receives are limitless! Many of the benefits cannot be measured in dollars and cents: forming new friendships, interaction with numerous businesses and community leaders, and the like.

However, the following benefits can have a dollar and cents impact on your business:

  1. The ability to be chosen for an “Ambassador Spotlight.”
  2. The opportunity to advertise personally for your business through member visits.

Contacts! Leads! Clients!

From time to time, Alliance Ambassadors and Staff are invited to take place in ribbon cuttings and grand openings for new and existing Ashland Alliance members.

Basically, our role at these events depends entirely on the needs of the business. Some businesses ask that we take a lead role in the event by providing ribbon and scissors and ask that our representatives be available for photo opportunities. Other businesses have a specific agenda for the event, and are just extending an invitation to us to join them in their celebration.

Unfortunately, many of these events are scheduled at the last minute, due to the hectic nature of opening a new business/facility. Once the Membership Director has received the invitation, this information will be passed along to Ambassadors as soon as possible. If you are able to attend, please try to be at the event no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. This will allow you time to meet the business owners/executives and to become familiar with the order of events.

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