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Wright-Mix Material Solutions Announces New Facility in Wurtland Riverport

WURTLAND, Ky. — Wright-Mix Material Solutions LLC will expand and construct an 80,000 Sq. Ft. facility with $8.5 million investment employing 130 full-time jobs in Greenup County.

The new Wurtland Riverport location offers Wright the ability to use multiple modes of transportation and logistics.  Ohio River barge loading and unloading along with CSX railroad and US Highway 23 offer excellent transportation modes for the facility.

The Greenup/Boyd County Riverport Authority wishes to highlight the partnerships that helped promote and position the Wurtland Riverport as the new home of Wright-Mix Material Solutions LLC. Groups such as City of Wurtland, Greenup County, Kentucky Power, Woodlands Foundation and the Ashland Alliance all played roles in helping make our community the choice for Wright-Mix Solutions in Greenup County.

The Greenup/Boyd County Riverport Authority is another example of how the region promotes growth and development.  Wright-Mix Solutions LLC offers a great opportunity to grow and prosper with the momentum in the region.

John McGinnis, Chairman of the Greenup/Boyd Riverport Authority, said, “Quality companies like Wright-Mix are a great fit for the Riverport.  Our directors are happy to work with our partners in development and Wright-Mix on locating their new facility here in Wurtland.” 

Greenup County Judge-Executive Bobby Carpenter said, “Wright-Mix Solutions is a great company and will do great things for us and the people of the region.  It is another win for all of us.”  

Boyd County Judge-Executive Steve Towler said, “We are happy to see Wright-Mix Solutions LLC, who has operations in Pike County and Logan, WV has picked our area and the Greenup/Boyd Riverport to locate.”

Wurtland Mayor Donna Hayes said, “The City of Wurtland is extremely excited that Wright-Mix has made the choice of Wurtland for its home.  Every job announced in the region is important to us all.”

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