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President’s Report – Sept. 1, 2017

Moving Forward

Thank you for the opportunity to recap the week at the Alliance. As the title of this week's report suggests, we are moving forward this first week of September. Several things and individuals had an impact on me this week. I thought this would be the time and the place to recognize them and their contributions.

Wednesday of this week, Ashland Alliance partnered with Ashland in Motion for a Business After Hours for the dedication of the Booker T. Washington School Mural at the Ashland Flood Wall. Over 250 people attended to celebrate the historic role this school played for the African-American community in Ashland. This gathering of all people from the area highlighted inclusion, diversity, and how history can show the path to move forward with respect for all.

Thursday, the Alliance got to celebrate one of our own moving forward in the next chapter of their career. Lloyd Keyser, a 38 ½ year employee of Kentucky Power, announced his retirement. Lloyd simply has done nearly everything a volunteer could do with the Alliance.

He has received one of the highest awards we present, the President's Award recipient in 2006; leading the Community Leadership Program for 17 years; being an ambassador; and leading membership drives along with everything else we could ask - all with the signature smile and inclusive manner, makes him the great man he is. Everyone at the Alliance will miss Lloyd even though I doubt he goes away from what he loves completely. When you see Lloyd, tell him thank you. He has made the community better.

This past week we had the opportunity to make new friends and show our community off to a couple of businesses looking for new locations. In this process, we highlight many of the attributes that these businesses said would make a difference in their decisions. It makes me proud to see the faces of visitors when they walk out on the stage of the Paramount Arts Center, they see the art deco style of the building and hear the story of how Ashland was the location chosen for this gem. I have a similar feeling showing the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center, rich with the history of who we are with a dose of where we are going, linked to the MSU Space Science display. Once again Moving Forward.

Another part of our tour of Ashland and the region was Central Park. This 52-acre history filled green space gives a great backdrop to living in this community. Sharing the stories of horse racing, Union troops camping in the park, along with the Indian Burial Mounds all sharing with the wonderful trees makes for a perfect backdrop to the city.

This week was about moving forward. However, like most things, it was based on the past and what we can do together. Exciting things are happening in our community. I appreciate the role each one of you plays to build this community and make it the quality place it is. Your business makes a difference.

Thank you for the chance to serve you. Lets enjoy the beginning of the magic of September in Kentucky.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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