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President’s Report – May 5, 2017

Bet on the Long Shot

Thank you for the opportunity to share the week of the Ashland Alliance.  It hardly seems a week has passed since our announcement of Braidy Industries in East Park. We have already started work on how to build from this announcement and make the marketing case for additional investment in our region.  It is a wonderful thing to have momentum for the region.  It is something that we won't waste and will use to help all of our existing businesses in the area.

We are also going to increase the visibility of the Ashland Alliance and bring more of the business community along for the benefits we offer.  We will link to your businesses as well.  Your membership and investment in this organization made it possible for what happened last week.  Your faith that the community could compete and win made the difference.  You should feel proud of your role in supporting the Alliance and the growth that will come.

It is also time to reach out to each of our members to renew our commitment to your business.  We hope you take advantage of all of our programs and the individual services we offer including our leadership programs, business after hours, young professional association and marketing opportunities within the largest membership directory in Eastern Kentucky.   We are here to support you and help you grow.  Check out our NEW website to learn more.

Today is our Spring Golf Outing.  Wish us luck in dodging the rain and raising some money for great causes and work within the Alliance.  This is the 23rd year we have hosted our Spring golf event.  I am hoping we see someone win the new car from Don Hall Chevrolet!

It seems the best way to end my piece this week is to talk about the Derby and long shots.  Last week we announced Braidy Industries to the world.  That project was labeled Project Derby by the Cabinet of Economic Development.  If you read the press release last week CEO Craig Bouchard called the selection of Greenup County “a come from behind win.”  Maybe if someone wanted to place a small wager… should be on the long shot!

Let's move forward together!   Thank you for the opportunity to work with great people in a wonderful community.

UPDATED 11/14/2017

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