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President’s Report – May 19, 2017

Work Ready!

One of the best assets of our region is its workforce.  A couple of years ago, business and industry teamed with education to create the Work Ethic Seal for our high school students.  

This week has been all about the Work Ethic Seal.    We have participated in awards ceremonies at Boyd County, Ashland and Raceland this week.  We passed out silver cords for the graduates to wear and Work Ethic Seal cards to carry in their wallets.  The Alliance wants the graduates to carry the cards and use them as verification that they are ready for the workforce when filling out job applications.  

Each of these graduate has used their Senior year as an audition for the workforce.   The card they carry shows potential employers that they know the importance of showing up on time,  have participated in a soft skills training program, have no drug or alchol offenses, and are active members of their community.  

The Ashland Alliance encourages you, our members, to look for the Work Ethic Seal when hiring.  We've included a photo of the card for your reference.  The program is in its second year and nearly 1,400 local students have earned the distinction.

—Tim Gibbs

The Original Star of the Tri-State Region

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