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President’s Report – June 30, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

July 4, 2017 marks the 241st year since the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence while meeting in Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Those 1,337 words changed the course of human history.  Now, this 4th of July weekend in Northeast Kentucky, we celebrate who we are and what has been given for our freedom.  I hope each person has a moment to think about our history and read our Declaration of Independence.

Thank you for taking the time on this busy holiday weekend to follow along with the Alliance.  Last week I didn’t submit a piece for your review due to the fact of being at the Paris Air Show on a recruitment trip.  The Alliance along with Governor Bevin, Economic Development Secretary Gill, Braidy Industries CEO Craig Bouchard, and Kentucky Power led a powerhouse delegation highlighting the competitive advantages of Eastern Kentucky for the Aerospace Industry. 

We held 23 meetings with companies each one of you know by name.  These were Chairman/CEO level meetings.  Each one focused on the availability of trained labor, lower production cost, low cost of energy and the fact that Kentucky is already the second leading state in export of aerospace in the nation with growth of 183% over the last five years.  These were not only productive meetings, they will change our area for the next 50 years.

I apologize for not following up last week for you, but it was a wild, hot, busy week for us highlighting what our region has to offer.  One last point……only Eastern Kentucky had economic development people on the ground running point for the region.  It was a great opportunity!

Back to the week at hand.  Planning continues for the 38th annual Community Leadership Program of the Ashland Alliance.  This week we held a planning meeting to build on the 8-week program focused on highlighting our community and the building blocks that make it work.  One interesting fact on the program is that it is entirely directed by former participants.  Those that go through the program want to come back and help present it for the next class.

It would be impossible to not mention the upcoming Summer Motion 2017 celebration.  This action packed favorite that kicks off the summer looks to be a great time for all.  A couple of things that stand out for the Alliance is the Patriotic Show being held at the Ashland River Port on July 4th starting at 5 pm as well as the Central Park music and vendors under the trees (see the rest of the schedule below).

During the Patriotic Show Ashland’s newest resident Brigadier General Retired Blaine D. Holt will be introduced.  General Holt is the Executive V.P. of Operations for Braidy Industries.  He will also be showing a couple videos showing the new plant coming to East Park. 

It is a great time to live in the Ashland and the region.  The Alliance is proud to play its part in celebrating this great nation and helping to build an even stronger path forward.  I look forward to seeing many of you downtown and around Boyd and Greenup County.

City of Catlettsburg 4th of July Celebration

Beginning at 7:00 pm there will be hot dogs, chips & drinks (cost is a donation) & Grilled Corn - $1.00

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest for the children

Don Zornes and his bluegrass band will be playing as well as the Boyd County Community Band from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

South Point's Fireworks begin at 10:15 pm but are visible in Catlettsburg at the old boat docks (behind the flood wall at 26th Street)

City of Greenup

Fireworks are Sunday, July 2 at 9:45 pm at the Greenup City Park, 1005 Walnut Street, Greenup.

City of Bellefonte

4th of July Parade, Noon and begins at the Presbyterian Church & Bellefonte Princess Road.


UPDATED 11/14/2017

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