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President’s Report – July 28, 2017

Summer Silly Season

Thank you for the opportunity to update you on all things Ashland Alliance.  This once again has been a very busy week from the chair.  I think this is one of my favorite times of the year.  For anyone that has walked in the office over the last week, you know what time it is.  It is BACKPACK season!!!  This is the time when our Young Professionals partner with the school systems in Boyd and Greenup County to help those that need a bit of assistance getting ready for school.

I remember walking in stores this time in the summer in my youth.  It always upset me that this time of year was "back to school" season.  Of course, I was just upset that my summer was coming to an end.  However, back to my point.  These backpacks stacked to the ceiling of the Alliance and what they represent is a great thing.  In the past, there have been 600-800 backpacks that contain a complete set of clothing, with the needed school supplies, all packed in a nice school backpack, ready to go to school on day one.

Our Young Professionals Association and our staff (Missy) don’t know the name of who is getting each pack.  But, each one of these kids has something to be proud of and our businesses and community partners steps up big!  Thank you….thank you for the time… the expense….and the thought of giving something to someone you never met.  It does make a difference.

There are other reasons to be thankful this week as well.  Community Hospice hosted a wonderful Business After Hours last night.  Susan Hunt and her team opened their doors for a great event and shared what they do to help families and individuals in the community.  I don’t think there are many families out there that haven’t benefited from Hospice's compassion, support, and guidance in difficult times.  I know my family has benefited greatly from their help.  I will always be grateful for what they do and offer.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with the City of Ashland’s new City Manager Michael Graese.  His start date is officially August 1 but he has already hit the ground running and is taking the time to build the relationships with partners.  I had a great conversation and learned not only about him as a person but, also how we can take advantage of his experience and vision.  

My last point for this week is we have received the new Ashland Alliance plaques for your business.  I must admit I think these are a great highlight to show your membership and commitment to the region and its economy.  We will be getting out to each and every one of your businesses to give you your plaque.  If there is a good time to visit let us know and we will schedule the time.  It is your business and what you represent that drives our economy.  Over the last month, we have had 3 join  the Alliance.  We want to keep this trend going!   We are rewarding members for referral as new members.  Together we can make the region stronger.

Thank you for this opportunity and for the exciting time to be together with you in the region.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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