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President’s Report – July 14, 2017

Can You Feel It?

Thank you for the opportunity to bring another weekly update from the  Ashland Alliance.  Following up on last week’s announcement of Wright-Mix Material Solutions' new Wurtland facility,  I thought it would good to highlight our partners and what may be coming next.

One main point that this vital is that the Alliance and  our partners do not create any jobs.  The private sector and companies like yours drive the economy.  Our role is to position the community as a good place to do business and market to companies looking for a new location to expand or relocate.  Our job is to ensure we give them the best possible information and support to give our area the highest chance to win the project.

Leads for these company locations come from different sources;  The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky Power/AEP, Boyd, and Greenup counties and the Riverport Authority, just to name a few.  What matters is,  regardless of from where the lead comes,  that everyone work together, have the same voice, and place the best information, presentation, and face possible for the region.

In the last two weeks, we have responded to two additional requests for information (RFI) for new locations of companies.  In addition, there have been two others that have called or visited to gather information on the area.  This area is on the move!  The Braidy Industries and Wright-Mix Material Solutions announcements have energized the community.   More will come.

There is no one way a project develops and many can take a year or more.  On average 90% of the time,  you fail to land the project.  There are literally 2000 other communities out there trying to do the same thing we are.  But, the more success you have,  the more that comes with it.  Momentum is a huge advantage to have ….and this region has it going on.

I hope you feel this.   I hope your kids get more opportunities to stay in their community.  This is what we are doing for the region with our partners.  Each of you plays a part in this.  Your investment makes this possible.  It gives the community a clear concise voice and the opportunity to win. 

Thank you for your support and the support of your business.  It takes all of us to make a difference.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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