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President’s Report - Jan 6, 2017

Exciting news for Ashland Alliance in 2017!

Happy New year to our partners of the Ashland Alliance.  Now that we are all back from the holidays, it is a great time to look forward to how we can serve you this year.  It starts with improving the delivery of this weekly update from us.  The new design is geared toward giving you more information and allowing you the choice of what information can benefit your business.  Each one of the links located in this report will direct you to information that will keep you better informed and engaged with our offerings to you.

The Alliance is ready to run this New Year.  We are unveiling a new logo.  This is just one part of a full marketing plan for the region to build awareness and recruit industry in our region.  Over the last two, years you have read about our certification programs.  By investing in our land, our workforce and employment clusters, we have positioned ourselves to move the community ahead.  Our brand and marketing plan is the tool to take these parts and pieces and, as Congressman Rogers always says, “Work the Plan.”

There are several other pieces of information that can be useful for your business included in this update.  We have listed a direct link to the Governors Red Tape Initiative.   We have consolidated and condensed our membership levels.  No membership level has been raised.  We have packaged many of the most popular offerings of the Alliance so that you can see your total investment and plan better for your year.  We have also included a direct link to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update page for you to better informed of the bills and action in the on-going short session in Frankfort.

The last two items I have to present to you are an opportunity to serve on the Ashland Alliance Board and a thank you to one of our own.  Any member of the Alliance that has an interest to serve on the Board of Directors should let me know.  We have formed a nominating committee to review letters of interest for board positions.  Our Board meets every other month on the third Wednesday from 4:30 to 5:45pm.  We encourage anyone that has interest to submit their letter of interest telling why they are interested by January 11, 2017 to the Alliance office or by email.

Finally, I have some heartfelt congratulations to Christy Hajjar.  Christy is the newest Commonwealth of Kentucky Administrate Law Judge. Her new position has forced Christy to resign from the Ashland Alliance Board and as President of the Young Professionals Association.  We are proud to see her become a Judge, but hate to lose her as a valuable member of our board.  Ryan Reames is the new President of the Young Professionals Association and is looking forward to continuing the positive growth and role they play in the region.  The Young Professionals now have over 130 members!

Thank you for what each one of you do to make this community what it is and what we want it to be.

Red Tape Reduction

Governor Bevin knows that for businesses to thrive in Kentucky, the Commonwealth must cut through the red tape of excessive and complex regulatory burdens that continue to be a hardship for many small business owners. While these types of regulations can be effective and even protect public interests, they can also stifle economic growth, impose high costs on businesses and impede private sector investment.

If you are aware of a regulation that you believe to be outdated, unnecessary or overly complex, let us know by filling out this form. All suggestions will be reviewed and evaluated.

2017 Investment Circles

The Ashland Alliance is proud to present our new Investor Circles program.  The Circles are based on your company’s investment level in the Ashland Alliance.

As a Circles member, your company will be featured on our marketing materials.  You will also receive discounts on advertising, e-Blasts, and the Community Leadership Development class.

An additional benefit to the Circles program is the convenience of budgeting for your investment in the Alliance.  Instead of the Alliance requesting a sponsorship  from you multiple times a year, you can decide up front how you choose to support the Alliance and pay those events or services with your membership dues.  There is no obligation to do that, of course, we just wanted to offer that convenience.

When you receive your dues invoice in 2017, you will also receive an a la carte listing of our events and services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Circles program or to speak to us about how to customize your membership.

The Bottom Line

Keep up to date by subscribing to The Bottom Line or checking out the Kentucky Legislature’s Page.


Ashland Alliance Board Meeting

January 18: Ashland Alliance Board Meeting 4:30,  Crump and Field
January 19:  Camayo Room, Camayo Arcade, 8:30-9:30 AM

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