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President’s Report – Feb. 9, 2018

Change is in the Air

I start this week’s update from the Alliance with a couple of questions: What season are we in and how long will it be before we get to spring? There is a lot of activity going on but I, like a lot of people, just want to get there soon! It has been another busy week here in the office and out and about with many of you.

It is an excellent time to give you an update on the Kentucky Legislative Session. Last year at this time there had been many high-profile bills filed, voted on, and signed under an emergency order. This year, not so much. There has been due diligence work on many fronts but to date, it has not been the fast-paced session of last year. I do think there will be a pension bill introduced and action soon. Details on this are being held close to the vest and when we have something to share, we will be sure to inform you. This one issue will affect the 2-year budget and nearly everything else that may be under consideration. We are continuing to link you to the Kentucky Chamber report on legislative topics in this weekly update for those of you that want the deep dive into happenings in Frankfort.


Next week, our Youth Leadership group will be in Frankfort for their Legislative Day. It is always one of my favorite days of the session seeing our Juniors experiencing what the process is to enact laws. They also get to meet our elected representatives and gain first-hand knowledge of what is going on in the Capitol. Each year, it is exciting to see several of the students catch the fever of what public service means and what it can do for the region.

The Alliance also hosted another economic development site visit this week. This visit is our third in the last month and a half! Activity and opportunity continue to build in the region. This is good news for us all. The Alliance has also scheduled its Strategic Planning event for April 20, 2018. Planning is an important step to ensure the organization continues on the right path and is set to take advantage of the momentum the community has at its back. It has been over 18 months since the last strategic plan was created and we are in a different place now.

Finally, we continue to receive letters of interest for Alliance Board Member positions and encourage any member of the Alliance that has the interest to apply. The Ashland Alliance is your organization, and we appreciate those of you who direct our activity and invest your time to make this a strong place to live and raise our families.

As always, I appreciate you and what you mean to this community. We are here to serve you.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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