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President’s Report - Feb 24, 2017

Together We Grow

It’s a great day to be in Kentucky! Last week, I officially called Winter out and said it was over. I had several of you reach out and remind me that our largest snow storms have been in March. I think I will take that chance and stick to my prediction of Winter is over.

I can also officially state that it is 270 miles roundtrip to Frankfort. This week we have kept the roads warm with the activity going on in the Capital. For three days, the House of Representatives has listed HB183 for debate and vote. This bill is part of an alcohol clean up bill and would reduce the requirement of 100 seats for restaurants to serve alcohol, to 50 seats for communities that have already voted for a 100-seat option. Ashland is the only town in Kentucky that currently falls under the regulation of 100 seats. It is a holdover from the original legislation that allowed two precincts in Ashland to sell alcohol. The restriction of 100 seats eliminates a large number of the downtown buildings from being restaurants and eateries and serve alcohol. Our downtown is already a special place but, with this clean up in our state language, we could have even more in the downtown area.

We also were a part of the Kentucky Aviation Day in Frankfort yesterday. Companies that you have heard of, such as Boeing, were there but there were also new names, such as Safran, that manufacture airplane brake parts in Northern Kentucky and have expanded multifold in recent years. We had the opportunity to speak to each about how our companies can gain access to their bid process for parts and pieces. This expands the conversation on aerospace and how to engage existing companies to the new opportunities in the region.

Today was also a great day for Pam’s Primitives. Their Grand re-opening was held at the Ashland Town Center this morning. Pam’s store recently underwent a facelift. The store is remodeled and packed with new inventory. Today and tomorrow, stop by for a visit. Refreshments will be served and you can spin the wheel to win wonderful prizes. The Alliance loves to help with ribbon cuttings and special events for your business. Supporting our local business community is a key component to building a strong economy. Now is the time to plan your Business After Hours event. These events give you the opportunity to host and highlight what your business has to offer to the community. Our staff is here to help your business, large or small, have your time in the sun. There is no better time to plan an event than now.

Thank you for the opportunity to share the weekly activity. Let us help you make your business and the community grow this spring. Events, Business After Hours and business to business connections are only one example of how we can partner with you.

Let’s move Northeast Kentucky ahead together.

Click here to read House Bill 183.

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