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President’s Report - Feb 17, 2017

A Little Sunshine

Looking out at a sunny Friday in February in the 60’s makes me think winter is over.  And I know that me saying this ensures a foot of snow will fall before it’s all over.  Thinking of spring does, however, bring thoughts of growth and return of life to the area.  I think that is a good message for today’s recap of the week at the Alliance.

This week we have been busy following up on the marketing trip in California last week.  And no,  it wasn’t warm and sunny there.  It was rainy, cold and foggy most of the time we were there.  California is experiencing their wettest winter in a decade.  Our trip has yielded positive feedback and shows the opportunity this region represents for business and industry.  Follow-up is key to present the data that was requested in our meetings.  Hopefully, there is more to come in the future.

The Alliance was also invited back to the Governor’s Mansion for the second time in the last three weeks to celebrate Canada Week in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Canada is Kentucky’s leading trading partner.  The amount of trade with Canada equals the amount with our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th countries combined.  The Alliance had hosted Douglas George, Consul General of Canada in August for a dinner in Frankfort and this was another opportunity to strengthen our position in trade with the leading partner of the state.

While we were in Frankfort,  I had the opportunity to speak with our Youth Leadership Class.  Their trip to Frankfort during the Legislative Session is a highlight of the program.  Our students from seven school districts had the chance to meet and talk with Sen. Webb, Rep. Sinnette, Rep. Bentley, and House Minority Leader Rocky Adkins.  After the House of Representative adjourned our students visited the House floor for photos with our delegation.  This event usually is the beginning of a few students’ desire to serve in public service.  We are happy to have the opportunity to foster this spark in their pathways forward.

Our regional aerospace group also made headway this week.  I was invited to participate with Jobs Ohio in a discussion of how we can work across state lines to promote and market aerospace industries in this region.  Our conversation moved past the tired line of thinking:   if one state wins,  the other must lose.  We are beginning to understand how this region, labor shed, and the economy has several common factors that not only allow us to use one voice but also strengthen that voice to that of a choir.  You will continue to see this opportunity grow over the course of the next year.  One point on this, while at the Governor’s reception this week Gov. Bevin stated this year Kentucky exports in aerospace totaled 11 billion dollars.   This is by far the largest sector of export in the Kentucky economy.  Ohio manufacturers supply more parts for aerospace than any other state in the union as well.

There are not just reasons to feel optimistic,  there are signs of growth.  Just like the warm day in February, this is a sign of what is to come.  With your help and your guidance, we will build on our economy and move forward.  I look forward to coming to your business and discussing how we can be a value to your business.  Thank you for sharing the week and a bit of sunshine.

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Tuesday 2/28:  Youth Leadership Committee Meeting (4:30 pm)
Wednesday 3/1:  Community Leadership Planning Committee Meeting (noon)
Tuesday 3/14: Business After Hours Citizens Bank of Kentucky (5:00 pm)

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