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President’s Report – Dec. 29, 2017

One Last Look

It's hard to believe that the year is over. With each year passing it is important to look back at what happened and how we can learn from it. 2017 was a turning point for this region. The work of many, the partnership, and the investment in ourselves paid dividends. For this, I say thank you to each one of you, your business and your guidance. It is important to say these words to close the year.

This is the last time you will hear from us what was done last year. It is time to turn the page. We have to make our way again and raise the bar for the region. I know each one of you will do your part and support the efforts of the team. Let’s make 2018 a record year. We have all the reasons in the world to believe this is the beginning of something special for our families and business communities.  

Thank you for the opportunity to be a small part of the momentum and growth. It is also time to renew our commitment to your business and your opportunities. I would love the chance to come by and hear about your plans and how we can provide services to you. Our Chamber of Commerce is going into year 101 of service to the community. Thank you for your membership and support. From everyone here at the Alliance enjoy your toast to 2017 and let’s make 2018 even better.  

Thank you for the opportunity to work in a great community and have great partners for a better tomorrow.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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