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President’s Report – Aug. 11, 2017

Back to School

Summer is starting to wane and schools are starting back.  This week with the Alliance has been a busy one.  Any of you that have stopped by the office has seen firsthand the mounds of backpacks (652 packed this year!);  all ready to find their new homes with well-deserving and appreciative children going back to school.  I know I have mentioned this program of our Young Professional Association many times before.  But, there is something heartwarming to see the results of the community coming together to benefit those in need.  All of this takes place without anyone taking credit or placing the “I” in how it happens.

There is a lesson to be learned there.  Collectively, we can get things done when we care more about the results than who gets the credit.  We have great partners and I appreciate each one of them.  Without the work of many, we would not be the community that makes this home.  Our kids are not the only ones that have lessons to learn!

This time of year also marks the beginning of another class of Work Ready participants.  Once again, high school seniors will have the chance to show they can make a commitment to show they are ready for whatever is next in their career paths.  Part of this program involves the business community.  We are looking for you, our business leaders,  to work with us and our schools to bring real life business experience to the classrooms.  This can be used to show how your business works and what it takes to be a good successful employee.  We need your voice.  This is a major part of preparing the next generation of quality employees for you and your business.

It is also the time when our leadership programs kick off. Our Community Leadership Development class is nearly full!  The  8-week program begins September 6th.  This program gives your business's up and coming leaders a behind-the-scenes view of our community and leadership principals that can be applied to their career and life.   

On Sep. 18th,  44 Juniors from 7 school districts start a year-long discovery of what it takes to become a leader in our Youth Leadership Program.  They will explore what a difference leadership can make in their career and their communities.

We are never too old to learn; this is the theme for the week.  Just as we strive to encourage our youth and young professionals,  we too should try to learn, collaborate and be a better version of ourselves.  This is my goal for the Alliance and for the region.

Thank you for the opportunity to build a strong economy and region.

—Tim Gibbs, Ashland Alliance President and CEO

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