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President’s Report - Jan 13, 2017

What a Week!

It is definitely Friday the 13th!  If you think about all the action that has taken place since the last President’s Report, it seems like more than a week.  We have tried to link information about each of the items listed in this report to you.  This has been difficult with such strong emotions from each side and the amount of, what could be called biased, information that is out there.   In the past week we have experienced Right to Work, repeal of Prevailing Wage and serious changes to how our employment services office in this region will be operated.

All of these changes could affect your business and your access to services.  We will be here to share information and changes as they take place.  We know emotions run hot on many of these issues.  We also know that to serve you, we have to have the best information available on the issues as it develops.  We hope our links to organizations such as the Kentucky Chamber give you insight to fast moving short legislative session in Frankfort.  The Kentucky Chamber is the largest lobbying organization in the state.

There is lots going on here in Ashland and Greenup as well.  We are midway through our Youth Leadership Program.  Juniors from our seven school districts are learning about what makes our community special and more about themselves at the same time.  We are also re-capping a successful Winter Wonderland of Lights Season.  With review of events and activities and how each can be better next year.

We are also preparing for next week full board meeting.  At this meeting, our marketing firm from Jackson, Mississippi is coming to town to present the new Branding and Marketing Plan to the Alliance Board.  This is great step for the organization for a couple reasons.  It pulls together all the work that we have done over the last couple years into one plan of action to move the organization forward.  It gives us a new fresh face and provides best practices to make a difference in our local economy today and in the future.  The Alliance is also electing new board members.  If you are a member in good standing and have an interest in a slot, please contact our office as soon as possible to ensure your consideration.

Finally, I always want to end with an ask of you.  We exist to help you and your business and organization be successful.  For you to have the ability to take advantage to all of our offerings we need to know your business.  Please let us know when is good time to stop in have a conversation and help you make the Alliance a tool of growth in 2017.  Thank you for this opportunity and the chance to build a stronger region.

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Right-to-work and Prevailing Wage

ASHLAND, Ky. — Local union leaders lambasted two of the seven bills that became law Monday after torching through the Kentucky General Assembly and Gov. Matt Bevin’s office.

Enacting right-to-work legislation and repealing prevailing wage had long been the vision of the Kentucky GOP. Thanks to a new supermajority of Republicans in the House and commanding control of the Senate and executive branch, that vision is reality in the commonwealth.

Right to work abolishes the requirement that workers must pay fees to a union. Under federal labor law, a union must represent all employees in a unionized workplace, even those who don’t want to be represented. In turn, the employees pay fees to the union, but right to work allows workers to opt out of paying dues to the bargaining body while still receiving union benefits.

Proponents of the new law believe workers should not be forced to contribute to a union, even if it bargains on their behalf. Other, high-profile backers of right to work — from Kentucky Chamber of Commerce CEO Dave Adkisson to Bevin — argue the new law will make Kentucky more appealing to outside businesses, thus stimulating economic growth.

But critics believe right to work cripples unions by depleting resources used to collectively bargain for higher pay and better working conditions. They point to analysis by the Economic Policy Institute and other agencies that reveal workers in right-to-work states are paid less and sometimes work in harsher conditions than workers in states that don’t have the law.


Red Tape Reduction

Governor Bevin knows that for businesses to thrive in Kentucky, the Commonwealth must cut through the red tape of excessive and complex regulatory burdens that continue to be a hardship for many small business owners. While these types of regulations can be effective and even protect public interests, they can also stifle economic growth, impose high costs on businesses and impede private sector investment.

If you are aware of a regulation that you believe to be outdated, unnecessary or overly complex, let us know by filling out this form. All suggestions will be reviewed and evaluated.

The Bottom Line

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Changes for Ashland Office of the Kentucky Career Center

State removing workers from Ashland unemployment office, 30 others – READ MORE

State willing to reconsider taking staff out of Ashland career center – READ MORE

2017 Annual Northeast KY Small Business Awards


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