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Over 1,000 Jobs are Coming to Northeast Kentucky

Over 1,000 Jobs are Coming to Northeast Kentucky! 

Ashland Alliance is pleased to announce that over 1,000 jobs are coming to Northeast Kentucky through an investment being made by Braidy Industries, Inc. The aluminum firm will be constructing the first new aluminum mill, to be built, in the United States in over thirty years. Construction on the 2.5-million-square-foot facility is set to begin in first quarter of 2018. Once operational, they will have the capacity to produce 370,000 metric tons of aluminum products per year to be sold to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Job Creation in Northeast Kentucky

Initially, there will be 1,000 construction jobs created as the new mill is built from the ground up. Afterwards, there will be approximately 550 permanent jobs created at the plant. These are high-paying jobs with wages of around $70,000 per year. Braidy Industries will also be offering a robust employee benefits program to include a daycare, fitness facility, and low-cost meals for workers. Focused on creating an employee-friendly work environment, the company is making a significant investment in the local economy and in the families of the Appalachian region.

In addition to the jobs being created by Braidy Industries, the company estimates that another 1,000 jobs will be created in supporting-service jobs. As these employees begin to spend more in the community, it is likely that additional jobs will be created through small businesses. This is an incredibly opportunity for Northeast Kentucky and the many families that live here.

Why Northeast Kentucky

There are incredible benefits of locating a business in Northeast Kentucky, including –

#1 Skilled workforce.               

We have a highly skilled and trained workforce that is ready to get back to work. In our area alone we have eight times the metal fabricators as anywhere else in the country. These are hardworking and dedicated people who simply want the opportunity to use their skills while remaining in the community of their choice. This makes workforce recruitment and development easy for light and heavy manufacturing companies.

#2 Unparalleled location for transportation.

Northeast Kentucky is less than eight hours by truck to over half of the U.S. population and 60 percent of our nation’s manufacturing. Easy access to road, rail and barge transportation makes this an ideal location for manufacturing companies looking to move goods throughout the country.

#3 Low cost of doing business.

Northeast Kentucky has some of the lowest power rates in the entire country along with plentiful and affordable water. Combined with a business-friendly political climate, Kentucky is an affordable place to launch or expand a business.

#4 Momentum is on our side.

The investment being made in our region by Braidy Industries demonstrates the clear momentum we have. Businesses are choosing to locate here because of our available and skilled workforce, low cost of doing business, easy transportation, and so much more. This momentum is breathing new life into our region and businesses want to be a part of it.

Ashland Alliance

The team at Ashland Alliance was pleased to participate in the recruitment of Braidy Industries, Inc. to our region. We were ready for this opportunity, having already gathered data demonstrating why locating a business in Northeast Kentucky is an incredible opportunity. We have a story to tell and the data to back it up. This makes it easy for businesses and investors to make the strategic decision to locate here.

As a dual chamber of commerce and economic development organization with one hundred years of history, we have helped businesses to thrive. With deep connections and regional ties, we can pull everything together for a project or expanding business to make it easy to cut the red tape and get a project off the ground. This new aluminum mill is a perfect example of how we can help to launch projects quickly and without costly delays. 

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