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Jobs Are Being Created in Northeast Kentucky

Over 1,000 Construction Jobs and 550 Permanent Jobs Are Being Created in Northeast Kentucky! 

Northeast, Kentucky (May 15th, 2017) –  High-paying jobs are coming to Northeast Kentucky and the Appalachian region. Aluminum company Braidy Industries is constructing the first aluminum rolling mill to be built in the United States for more than three decades. This $1.3 billion investment will create 1,000 construction jobs, 550 permanent jobs and more than 1,000 jobs in supporting industries. This is the most significant project for the economy of Northeast Kentucky and Appalachia in decades and will be an incredible economic boost for the region.

Governor Bevin said, “The arrival of Braidy Industries is the single-most important event to date in our efforts to breathe new life into the Eastern Kentucky region and to provide jobs for a skilled workforce ready for new opportunities.”

The new facility will be 2.5-million-square-feet and groundbreaking is expected to be in first quarter of 2018. Braidy Industries will be implementing nano-crystaline technology and other technological advancements to make this state-of-the-art facility highly efficient. Through the construction of a state-of-the-art facility and location in Northeast Kentucky, it is projected that Braidy Industries will be 20 – 25 percent more competitive.

Stakeholders from throughout the State of Kentucky worked to make it easy for Braidy Industries to locate there. Tim Gibbs, President and CEO of Ashland Alliance, said, “This was one of the smoothest and fastest billion-dollar projects to ever be brought to market. It worked because we had the data, certified science, and workforce Braidy Industries required to make their decision. With strong partnerships at every level, we could provide the information required to fully assess the opportunity for them to locate in Northeast Kentucky. We have a story to tell for why businesses should locate here and the data to back it up. We were ready for this.”

As the second largest aerospace exporter in the nation, Northeast Kentucky is the country’s best kept secret. As a Right to Work State with low power and water costs, companies locating here can realize significant savings. Geographically, the region is less than an eight-hour drive from more than half of the country’s population and 60 percent of manufacturing, while being in the middle of automotive and aerospace manufacturing. Unparalleled logistical transportation options with convenient access to rail, barge, and major truck routes, make it easy for companies like Braidy Industries to transport goods throughout the country.

Additionally, Northeast Kentucky has eight times the number of highly-skilled metal fabrication workers than elsewhere in the country. For companies seeking metal workers, it is possible to open a facility and be fully staffed within days. These are people who want to live in their community of choice and are willing to commute up to two hours for work in order to do so, giving companies numerous options for who to hire.

During an interview of Fox News, Braidy Industries Chairman and CEO Craig Bouchard said, “… we have low energy prices, and we have labor force that is under employed that we can benefit from. This is the best time to invest in 50 years.”

Ashland Alliance is here to assist other companies looking to ride the wave of momentum that is sweeping Northeast Kentucky. As a dual chamber of commerce and economic development organization, they have been helping businesses for 100 years. Ashland Alliance can assist by making important connections and pulling everything together for businesses and projects to succeed.


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