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High Wages and Economic Growth Expected with Braidy Industries, Inc. $1.3 Billion Investment

High Wages and Economic Growth Expected with Braidy Industries, Inc. $1.3 Billion Investment

Northeast, Kentucky (May 8th, 2017) - Ashland Alliance is pleased to announce that Braidy Industries, Inc. will be investing $1.3 billion dollars in the ground-up construction and operation of an aluminum melting and rolling mill. This investment will create 1,000 construction jobs and 550 full-time jobs once the mill is operational.

With over one billion dollars being invested in Northeast Kentucky, a significant economic boom is underway. This investment symbolizes the creation of high-paying jobs which will positively impact families throughout the region. High wages and increased spending power will result in further economic development and growth, as everything from housing to small business benefits are positively impacted by economic upturn.

Braidy Industries choosing to locate in Northeast Kentucky was the result of a collaborative effort between the company, state officials, government agencies, Ashland Alliance, and community stakeholders. By working together in a collaborative fashion, information was shared and plans approved quickly to allow for the project to move forward with lightning speed.

Kentucky has the story to tell and the data to back it up, allowing for business owners and investors to quickly identify the true opportunity of locating in this area of Appalachia.

When discussing the project on Fox News, Braidy Industries Chairman and CEO, Craig Bouchard, said, “States are being great on incentives and Right to Work is becoming more popular. We are about to build our mill in the fine state of Kentucky which just became a Right to Work State and that’s one of the reasons we went there.”

Kentucky is open for business, welcoming Braidy Industries and any company who wishes to expand or startup in a Right to Work State. One reason Northeast Kentucky is so attractive is that in this area of Appalachia there are thousands of highly-skilled workers with extensive training and experience, ready to get back to work. Workforce recruitment is fast and easy, making it possible for companies to get off the ground quickly, launching projects without delays.

Northeast Kentucky has eight times the state and national average of metal fabrication workers, a significant strength for the region as a whole. This is the number one transferrable job between the automotive and aerospace industries, creating significant opportunities for businesses expanding or choosing to bring skilled manufacturing home to the United States. The Ashland Alliance has conducted an in-depth workforce study which is available for any business considering Northeast Kentucky as a base of operations.

Kentucky has momentum on its side and any companies locating here will benefit from the ready and available workforce, low cost of doing business, and a state government and community willing to take the steps necessary to make locating a business in Northeast Kentucky an easy endeavor. For more information about doing business in the state, resources, or help pulling a project together, contact Tim Gibbs at the Ashland Alliance,


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