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Greenup pursues parkway expansion

Greenup County is lobbying the state of Kentucky to fund an expansion of the Industrial Parkway corridor in light of the announcement by Braidy Industries to locate a major aluminum mill in the EastPark Industrial Center.

At the Greenup County Fiscal Court meeting this week county commissioners and Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter all agreed to urge urge the state to expand the parkway, designated Ky. 67. The county passed a formal resolution saying as much, and that resolution will be sent to both the Legislature and the region’s local legislators.

“We need to get the Industrial Parkway on the (state’s) six-year road plan,” Carpenter said. “I've asked our legislators and that's where it has to come from. That road is going to have to be finished now. There is going to be a lot of traffic coming back and forth to the Riverport.”


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