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Gibbs: An exciting time in the Tri-State

CATLETTSBURG, Ky. — Ashland Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Gibbs rattled off a series of reasons why economic development leaders are thankful this Thanksgiving.

Gibbs, speaking as the Alliance celebrated 100 years as a chamber at the 19th Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation, said of course he is thankful for Braidy Industries’ recent announcement to locate to the Tri-State.

Gibbs said there are other reasons, though, too. This year there have been 1,197 permanent jobs announced or created in recent months. The region is set for 1,000 construction jobs in this area starting in April.

"There is something even bigger than these numbers," Gibbs said. "There is hope. None of this activity happens without partnership and leadership (from) each one of you."


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