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Braidy announcement heralded in Carter County

Braidy Industries gave regional economic development a shot in the arm back in April, when they announced that they would be locating their new $1.3 billion aluminum mill in South Shore.

Braidy’s announcement Tuesday that the mill now is planned for EastPark Industrial Center is good news for Carter County, with hundreds of expected new jobs now located much closer to Grayson and Olive Hill.

Carter County Judge Executive Mike Malone said he is excited for the possibilities the announcement brings to the community.

“It's the next best thing to moving to Carter County,” Malone said, noting local residents can get to the new location within 15 minutes from Grayson.

He hopes that it would benefit communities like Grayson and Olive Hill as employees are drawn from the local population, or choose to move closer to their job.

“You can get there quicker from here than from Ashland or Greenup,” he added. “We have good road, all the way.”

He said that it could also improve Carter County's chances of securing associated industry.

“It's golden,” he said of the opportunity to attract other jobs. Malone said he spoke to folks who attended the recent Paris Air Show, and they had talked to 23 different industries with an interest in locating near Braidy, including several Fortune 500 companies. He added the three counties have more than 800 acres at the industrial park, and that “Carter has most of the I-64 frontage.”


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