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Boyd school board pleased with renovations

SUMMIT — Board members inspected the ongoing renovation of Boyd County Middle School on Tuesday, and aside from a few grumbles about tile choices in a hallway, comments were overwhelmingly laudatory.

“I’m pleased and excited with the progress. It will change the whole dynamics of the school. It’s going to be great for the kids,” said board chairman Bob Green.

Board members and administrators toured the building under the guidance of construction project leaders. They walked through completed, or almost completed, sections, including gleaming science labs, classrooms, locker areas, restrooms and the gymnasium.

Project leaders gave progress reports on ongoing and future phases of the renovation. The current phase, scheduled for completion by April, includes the front office complex, a block of classrooms at the back of the school and a home economics classroom in the former band space.

The office complex had been scheduled for a later phase, but was moved up when contractors elected to delay another step — filling in the Little Theater area adjacent to the cafeteria, according to project manager Ridge Bentley.

Offices and a reception area will be at the building’s front, which is being enlarged to add space.

After that, work will turn to another classroom block to be ready by summer.

During the summer break, the cafeteria and kitchen will be overhauled.


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